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Our Story

The Green Woof is a pet supply store providing organic, premium quality and highly nutritious food for pets. Along with a carefully selected range of products, including eco-friendly pet accessories, and bespoke ethical handmade clothing, The Green Woof is a sanctuary for everything dog and cat related.

We present solid solutions for pet parents who struggle to find qualitative and sustainable foods for their furry children. Providing alternatives for pet allergies and promoting healthy diets is at the forefront of our mission. Our activities also aim to enhance the quality of life of cat and dogs and provide them with the tools and nutrients to be happy and healthy.

Honesty and transparency are at the core of our philosophy. Our approach is highly personalised and focused on therapeutic expertise. Our range of products has been very carefully selected after thorough study. It is a quest for achieving an all-embracing and optimal life-long experience for our four-legged babies.

All of our products are ethically produced and eco-friendly. It is our duty to protect our planet by selling biodegradable and recyclable goods with reduced and optimised packaging.

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Who we are

Aïla is a qualified positive reinforcement dog trainer and a devoted dog-mum to two rescues, Elvis & Haïko. She believes in the need to provide alternatives to a pet food industry that sells “fake food virtually devoid of any real nutrition.” Animals have always been her passion and her two rescues are the centre of her life.

The joy and connection her two rescues brought her pushed Aïla to dive deeper into the dog world, studying canine training and psychology. Her studies helped her connect with dog-lovers across the globe and pushed her to channel her passions into developing an ethical and dog-friendly lifestyle. “It’s been a tough but enlightening journey,” she said. “I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

A couple of years ago when Elvis (the beagle-cross in the photo to your right) became seriously ill, Aïla took action. After running a few tests, she decided to change his diet, switching it from brand-named chow to all-natural, chemical-free food. The effect was remarkable and Elvis is now healthier and happier than ever. Since then, she’s made it her mission to educate other dog owners on the importance of food choices.

The psychological health of our dogs is just as important as what goes in their food bowls. After careful study, Aïla has pulled together a selection of toys, chews and accessories needed for a force-free and happy doggy lifestyle. The selection will help keep your dogs healthily stimulated in both body and mind and relieve boredom and anxiety. They are ethically sourced and safe, which will help keep your anxiety at bay too.

Mental and physical enrichment for your dog are important, especially while you’re away at work. These toys and chews will help keep your dog entertained and put your mind at ease. They’re also a great way to bond. We use all of our products with our own dogs and present them here with a passion and conviction that your dog deserves better.

green woof nicosia image
green woof nicosia image

Marilena, also a devout mother to her Tito, is a passionate historian who has worked with animals for a fair part of her life. After spending years working in various industries, she decided it was time to make a career out of her passion. Tito has been a major inspiration in this decision. “Tito came into my life at a crucial time and helped me face insurmountable challenges. It is therefore my duty to ensure he lives a long and healthy life. As I had trouble finding the best possible diet for my dog I decided to research extensively and provide him and all his paw friends with the highest quality of nutrition”. The Green Woof has come to life out of our stout devotion to our fur babies.

Having worked in the pet industry for a year Marilena has come to the conclusion that pet health and food are necessarily interconnected. The previous year has been a quest for providing Tito with a healthy diet, resulting in the realisation of The Green Woof. “The same way you wouldn’t feed your kids junk food everyday, you should also care about what you feed your dog”. After extensively researching the market Marilena has reached the conclusion that Cyprus lacks variety in organic premium dry food for dogs in reasonable prices and decided to provide Cypriot dog parents who care about their fur babies with an array of products to choose from, ranging from dry to wet food, from treats to chews and from toys to robes. All of The Green Woof’s products are carefully selected to ensure a long happy life for your pups as well as making dog parenting fun and easy.

Apart from her devotion to dog food, Marilena has also been interested in ways to keep dogs occupied while at work. As a working dog mum she had trouble leaving her pup home for long hours and often would come home to face chaos and damages. The Green Woof will make sure that dogs with separation anxiety, especially puppies, will be treated properly using the right tools and accessories, making living with your pet as easy and comfortable as possible.


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